Learning Tailored To Your Child's Needs

A family atmosphere where everybody knows your name
 Celebrating Difference and Nurturing Success

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Learning Tailored To Your Child´s Needs

ALL of the staff know ALL of the pupils. We tailor learning individually to meet your child´s needs. We support and challenge various learning styles and keep track of progress made. Your child will immediately feel the nurturing work ethos at Culmore Primary School.

A family atmosphere where everybody knows your name

Parents have always commented on our caring and approachable staff. We communicate effectively with parents and welcome you as part of our team working together in the best interest of your child. Siblings love the fact that they are able to see each other throughout the school day.

Secure A Place At Grammar School

The majority of our Year 7 pupils, who have sat Transfer Test in recent years, have been successful in securing a place at Grammar School. Your child will be challenged and supported through their learning as they progress from Year 1 right up to Year 7 and will receive a high quality learning experience. They will always be encouraged to achieve their full potential academically and holistically.

Key Dates for September 2024 - June 2025 School Year Enrolment

12th December 2023
Admissions Criteria Published
9th January 2024
Applications Open at 12 Noon
26th January 2024
Applications Close at 12 Noon

Why enrol at Culmore Primary School?

  • Your child is valued, supported and challenged
  • Holistic preparation for the journey towards secondary level education
  • High standards of teaching and learning
  • A naturally integrated school - mixed gender, ability, and backgrounds
  • Controlled, diverse and open to all
  • General Religious Education for pupils who choose this option
  • A Catholic RE programme for pupils who choose this option
  • An inclusive and family ethos
  • Your child is valued, listened to and respected
  • Serving the community

Frequently Asked Questions

My family have always traditionally gone to a different school from Culmore Primary School – how can I break that tradition now?

Will my child only receive one type of religious instruction at Culmore Primary School?

Will my child be challenged within a composite class?

Will my child feel overwhelmed when they get to secondary school?

Parental Concerns

We know how daunting it is when you are sending your child to primary school for the first time. Let us put your mind at ease!

"I have had a negative prior experience of primary school- what if my child does too?"

We see pupils and parents as an integral part of our school family. Our staff is always caring and approachable.

"I feel uneasy about sending my child into an unfamiliar setting". 

We welcome our new pupils (and parents) into school in the summer term so that they can meet the teacher and enjoy joining in play activities with their future classmates.

What if I do not know any staff members or any other parents?

What do I need to do to prepare my child for primary school?

Where do I park during drop-off and pick-up times?

How will I know if my child is progressing in all areas of school life?

I want my child to achieve his/her full potential.

How can I be sure I have chosen a school which will provide the best education for my child?

How will I know what is happening day-to-day?

"I want to know that my child will be safe at school."

Safeguarding is paramount at Culmore Primary School.  We ensure that every measure is put into place to make our school as safe as possible for the pupils here.  All staff are trained in Child Protection and Safeguarding.  All stakeholders are informed of Policies and Procedures.  We promote positive behaviour at Culmore Primary School and do not tolerate bullying of any kind.

"My child is musical – how will they get the same musical opportunities in a small school compared to a larger school?"

We pride ourselves in the variety of musical experiences we offer our pupils at Culmore Primary School – choir, recorder, steel pans, African drumming, keyboards…to name but a few.
Every pupil, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to take part in our musical performances. Parents just love to see their child blossoming in confidence on these occasions – most importantly the pupils love it too!

Your child is valued, listened to and respected